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Pepe Sicario's Return

Pepe Sicario, the true Pepe, had just been released from prison after ten long years. During his incarceration, another Pepe had emerged: Pepe the Frog, a cartoon character that had gained immense popularity and considerable fortune. Pepe Sicario was furious. Not only had he been betrayed and imprisoned, but now his name was associated with a ridiculous caricature.


Discover NFT Pepescicario, a collection of extraordinary NFTs inspired by Scicarios.

1000 NFT

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Between betrayal and death, Pepe stumbled on the path of his destiny

Pepe the Frog was comfortably settled in his swamp, living a peaceful life. One day, he heard news that made him tremble with fear: Pepe Sicario, the notorious criminal, had just been released from prison. Pepe Sicario had sworn to find Pepe the Frog to settle old scores. Every suspicious noise made Pepe jump, and he knew he had to stay on guard from now on. The return of Pepe Sicario signaled dark days ahead for Pepe the Frog, who hoped he could escape his relentless pursuer.